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The title of this beard is The Lorax! No hair products needed in this design, just a strong bristle brush. I used a corked boar bristle brush.

If you think you can’t grow out your beard.. you’re wrong… DEAD wrong!  Well, maybe not dead wrong, but you’re still wrong! You can do it!

This is my beard… and this is my story!

Having a basic short-beard for many years I only recently started to grow it out (started back in Feb. 2012)! Since this is my first time growing the beard out, I am figuring things out as I go. Luckily, I have come across many amazing people and much needed information during the ongoing process of growing this hairy baby on my face! After months of growth and constant grooming, I felt it was time… time to style!

Back in June I styled my beard for the first time! Since then, every other Monday… or as I refer to it as Monbeardday… I create a new design for my beard. Unlike the one time crazy unique beard styles seen at beard competitions, I try to create my beards for everyday wear! I will be updating this blog with all new styles and important in-beard-formation, so come and join me as we explore the glory of BEARDING!

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Be Strong and Beard On my friends!