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Today I will be offering a pro tip for calming those annoying fly-aways! This tip will be more effective for those with longer beards (3″+ in length) but can still be used by anyone with at least an inch of beard length. The miracle product is Pomade!

A light conditioning pomade, perfect for those pesky fly-aways!

A light conditioning pomade, perfect for those pesky fly-aways!

A light conditioning pomade like the one shown here can do wonders for your beard! It will add just enough weight to those fly-away hairs to hold them down. Another benefit to using pomade is one of the main ingredients being Jajoba Jojoba Oil. This liquid wax substance will give your beard a great natural sheen!

Since pomades are water-soluble, you will need to make sure your hair is dry before using this product; otherwise, it will not hold, and those fly-aways will remain.

When applying the pomade, it is important to note that very little is needed to get the desired effect. Using too much can make your beard feel and look super sticky/greasy!

So how much should you use? Only a finger tip is needed. View the picture below, and you will notice a thin layer of pomade on my finger is all I need for my beard (which sits at about 5 1/2″ as of this blog post).

Just a little bit goes a long way!

Just a little bit goes a long way!

After you have a finger tip of pomade, rub into the palm of your hands to spread it out (there should be no clumps of pomade left). Now open your hand wide and VERY lightly stroke down your beard with your palms. You should barely even be touching the hair on your beard; in other words, imagine trying to tickle the hair on the back of someone’s neck. Doing this will ensure that you spread the pomade evenly over the problem areas.

Once you notice your fly-aways starting to weigh down, you can softly spread the rest of the pomade residue throughout your beard. It is good to get the pomade residue inside the beard as it helps hold the beard tight throughout the day. After you have finished spreading the pomade, lightly stroke down the outside of your beard once more and shape as desired. You can view my results below.

It's a beautiful thing to get rid of those fly-aways!

It’s a beautiful thing to get rid of those fly-aways!

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Today’s review will be on Dream Beard’s “The Mechanic” Hand Crafted Oils.

Dream Beard's "The Mechanic" Hand Crafted Oils

Dream Beard’s “The Mechanic” Hand Crafted Oils

Before you read this review, if possible, please allow me to qualify myself as a beard care reviewer. My knowledge and history of facial haircare extends back 15 years. In addition, my wife, who works at a high-end hair salon, has also been an invaluable addition to my understanding of overall haircare. Suffice it to say, I know a couple of things about facial hair and how to take care of it. The goal of my beard care product reviews is to help you understand and determine what products would best suit you on your journey to creating the most amazing luxurious beard you can!

Last week I was fortunate enough to be sent a sample of Dream Beard Essential Oils “The Mechanic” to review. This couldn’t have come at a better time; just that week I had fried a small section of my beard while styling it for Monbeardday! After using this product every day for 1 week, I am now ready to report on it!

Let me begin with the product design. This product comes in a small dark blue glass bottle with a glass dropper. Though the bottle design is not unique, it is quite functional for dispensing oil without making a mess! Depending on your beard length, a quarter to a half dip stick is all you need for a good lathering! Be sure not to use too much as no one wants an extra oily face (this is especially true if your beard is shorter, i.e. 1-3 inches).

This product includes the following ingredients: EVOO, Jojoba, Vitamin E, Bergamot and other essential oils. EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) acts like Nature’s hair and skin conditioner. Jojoba oil is special because it is a liquid wax, which is chemically very similar to sebum, the natural oil produced by your skin and scalp. Vitamin E is excellent at repairing damaged hair and preventing split-ends and dryness. Bergamot oil is a good hair stimulant but also acts as a relaxant to minimize frizz and curls. Finally, the essential oils aid in the overall strengthening of your hair.

Normal glass dropper

Normal glass dropper

To use, simply squeeze the desired amount of product into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together, and lightly rub into your beard. It is best to do this when your beard is fresh out of the shower, dried and ready to absorb! PLEASE NOTE: when placing oily products into your beard, it is important to know that you should always start mid-shaft and rub down to the tips of the hair. Oily products should not be applied to the root of the hair since that will be the healthiest part of the hair. Also, the natural oils from your skin will be enough for that area. If you apply extra oil to this part of your hair, it will not absorb into the hair well and may eventually irritate the skin or clog pores. To keep the product from being too wet, you can blow dry your beard, making sure to comb it at the same time (do not blow dry more than 3 times a week to keep your beard healthy).

My scent is called “The Mechanic” and is meant to emulate the smell of a manly-man mechanic. I personally do not enjoy the smell very much, but my wive loves it. I have now used the product for a week, and I have not noticed any significant difference in the health of my beard; however, I have noticed the natural sheen and softness of my beard hair has increased. Also, if applied before bed, the product will help keep your beard from tangling while sleeping (a very nice plus for moving sleepers like myself)! This product can be used every day, or every few days (depending on your bearded needs). Perhaps with continued use over a much longer period of time, my hair may heal using this product; however, if it takes that long, it would be wise to simply trim the tips of the damaged area, and let it grow out healthy again.

It is important to understand this is only an oil-based liquid and will not aid in keeping fly-aways and curly-q’s down as it doesn’t have enough weight to make your hair lay flat. So the question finally arises, would I recommend this product? My answer is two-fold. I would not recommend this product as a hair healer, but I would recommend this product if your beard is dry or brittle (as that is a sign of unhealthy hair). This product will definitely plump up your beard and keep it from becoming brittle. At $15 a bottle or $30 for 3, the price point is spot on as the bottle should last quite a while (depending on beard length and usage). All-in-all, Dream Beard’s hand crafted oils would be a great addition to anyone’s list of beard care products because a healthy beard is a happy beard!

You can find Dream Beard and their products on Instagram @dreambeard or on Facebook HERE.

As always, feel free to post your questions and comments below!

You can also find me on Instagram/Twitter @incredibeard !

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EDITS: Thank you to BeerWarden and /r/beards for the following edits:

– Split-ends cannot be repaired, only prevented.

– Jojoba oil is a liquid wax, not a vegetable oil.

– Dry hair is a sign of unhealthy hair, not coarse hair.

Another #monbeardday has come and gone! What does that mean? A new beard style is born!

This particular style is called The Queen Mid-Cartwheel!

The Queen Mid-Cartwheel

This was actually my first attempt at curling my beard, and I think it actually worked out quite well. Of course, I did have the help of my beautiful wife who knows a whole lot more about hair than I do! For this style I used the following items:

1) Comb

2) Hot curlers/Mini-curling iron

3) Hair spray

4) Blow dryer

5) Mustache wax

The first and very important thing to know when curling your hair is not to flatiron or blow dry your hair straight before attempting to curl your beard. The natural curli-ness of your beard will lend a hand in curling the hair faster and holding the shape better.  This can drastically cut down your prep work time!

Prior to shaping your beard you need to heat up the hot curlers or mini-curling iron. To start this style, you want to make sure your beard has been combed through to untangle any annoying knots. Next, you will want to use the comb to help section out your beard into your desired curl areas (it’s best to use clips to hold the different sections). Once you have determined where you want your curls located, take the hot curlers (or mini-curling iron) and start curling the different sections. The curls should be rolled tight but not touching the skin directly; don’t worry, you should have enough hair to keep your face from getting burnt (but always practice safe curling – if you’re really afraid, it’s better to curl it further away from your face just to be safe than sorry). If using hot curlers, keep them in until the curlers are no longer warm. If using a mini-curling iron, briefly hold the curl, release and repeat until you have reached your desired curl amount.

Once your curls are ready it’s time to spray ’em down! For this I recommend a hairspray with extra strong hold. Any normal brand will do, but make sure not to get the cheapest one; those usually use a VERY watered down formula, and that just becomes a hassle to deal with!

Initially, you’ll want to lightly spray the outside of the beard curls followed by a quick application of medium blow dryer heat on low. This will give you enough time to help mold the hair the way you want it before it completely dries the hairspray. Once you have blown dry the basic curl structure, apply small amounts of hairspray to the inside of the curls and blow dry again. It would be beneficial to use a long thin metal or plastic bar here to help press the hair down within the curl (to get that nice circular shape). However, if you have to, you can always use your own fingers to do this (make sure to wash your hands each time the hairspray dries on them; this will minimize snagging). Continue to blow dry until all the curls are done.

From about 6-10 inches away, lightly re-spray the entire curled area, following up with a quick blow dry to seal the hold.

Now on to the stache! I started with mustache wax; although, it is not necessary. The simple upward style can be reproduced with hairspray as well… though it can get a little messy! However, using both gives the stache a much stronger hold that lasts the entire day without breaking down. Using both items will really help when you have a stache that extends beyond 2 or 3 inches in either direction.

I started molding the shape of my stache with a small amount of Clubman Mustache Wax (though, as I mentioned in my previous blog, I do NOT recommend using it – I only used it because I had no other option at the time). After I formed the basic structure, I went back and hairprayed the extended stache ends. WARNING: Make sure to cover your mouth, nostrils and eyes before doing this! Once you have finished spraying yourself down, apply medium heat at low setting on your blow dryer.

BOOM! You’re done!

Always feel free to post your questions and comments below!

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