The style I will be talking about this week is The Evil Cummerbund (or Cumberbund).

Giants gear optional! ;)

Giants gear optional! 😉

This design was probably one of the easier styles I created! As with all of my styles, I try to limit the amount of products and/or equipment needed to create the design. For this specific beard I only used hairspray, hot curlers and a flatiron.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember when dealing with heat (i.e. blow dryers, flatirons, hot curlers, etc.), some type of thermal protectant product is needed. The type of product I use can be found in The Flying Gnome post. If you do not protect your hair before styling you run the risk of damaging the hair beyond repair!

It is best to spread the heat protectant throughout your beard after a shower and a quick towel dry. If you shower at night, that is okay. Once the protectant covers the hair, it is okay to use heat on it at a later time. Just make sure not to wash it out before styling.

For this design, if using hot curlers, make sure to give yourself enough time to heat them up thoroughly before use! While those are heating up, I recommend sectioning out the different areas you desire to curl. Doing this will help eliminate any asymmetrical curls. You will also need to decide what size of curler to use for the different sections. The length of your beard will help you determine which size curler is best to use.

I typically work on my beard top down (then finish with the mustache). Working on those pesky side-burn areas first makes styling the rest of the beard much easier. After the heat has dissipated from the side curls, feel free to remove the curlers. Next, lightly spray the curls with hairspray, immediately followed up with a quick blow dry (blow dryer set to warm on low/medium). Make sure to hold the shape of the curl while drying the hair. After the curl is set, lightly spray the inside of it and use a small chopstick-sized item to lay the stray hairs down and shape the inner-circle (Note: Hairspray remains tacky on the skin and can cause major issues if styling hair with your fingers). Follow this up with another quick blow dry.

After curling both side burn areas, separate the chin section of the lower beard. This section needs to be flat ironed. After doing this move back to the jaw area. You will need to make these curls before spraying down the chin. The jaw curls are fairly easy (the bigger the curls, the easier). Follow the same steps as above. Once that is complete, move back to the chin section and lightly spray it down with hairspray. Since you are not creating a specific shape here it is okay to use your fingers to spread the hairspray through this section of the beard. Once this area is thoroughly sprayed down lightly blow dry it while holding the tip. Continue to blow dry until the hairspray dries. Perform touch-ups as needed.

After the beard is complete, use the smallest curlers you have for your mustache. After a basic shape has been created, use a mustache wax of your choice and lightly spread the wax to hold the shape. For extra hold lightly spray the curled mustache with hairspray, followed up with a quick blow dry. However, make sure to cover your nostrils and eyes before doing this.

That’s it! You’re done! Another style under your belt!

As always, feel free to post your questions and comments below!

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Be Strong and Beard On my friends!


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