The Manly Main Man-Mane!

The Manly Main Man-Mane!

This week’s style is called the Manly Main Man-Mane! The nice thing about this style is it’s pretty easy to replicate.

To achieve this style you will need the following items:

– Hairspray (heavy hold)

– A blow dryer

– A flatiron

As with all of my styles, it is necessary to protect the hair by placing a heat protectant in it before the styling begins. To see which product I use to protect against the heat, view my earlier blog here. Once the product has been spread throughout your beard, proceed to brush out any knots. Your comb/brush should be able to glide through your beard without any major knots.

When styling this look you will need to flatiron the hair first. Since beard hair is naturally curly for most people the flatiron is needed to achieve the straight hair look. Remember to only flatiron small sections of hair at a time (it is difficult to straighten and easier to damage hair if done in large clumps).

FUN FACT: Straightening your beard will show you the true length of your beard.

After your beard has been straightened, all you need is some hairspray! Decide which side you want to start with, then slowly work your way over to the other side. It is best to start with the sideburn areas. Simply pull the hair from the tips into the direction you wish the hair to point and lightly spray it with hairspray. Use the palm of your hands to spread the product through your hair while flattening it at the same time (like flattening a hamburger). Once this is done, spray that section of hair again and hold it out as you lightly blow dry it (blow dryer settings should be set to warm/low). As the hair begins to firm up, let go of the tips, lightly spray them down, and follow up with more blow drying.

Simply perform the same steps on the rest of the beard, slowly moving your way from one side to the other.

Now that the beard portion is done, let’s prepare the mustache! Since we will be using hairspray on the mustache this time, we need to make sure to cover the face/nose/eyes area with tissue or some other form of covering. To achieve this look, take hold of the tips of one side of the mustache and lift up. Spray that section with hairspray. Depending on how much spray you use, you can spread the product through that side of the mustache. Follow this up with a heavy blow dry (blow dryer setting should be set to hot/high) while still holding the tips of the mustache up. This should dry quickly. Let go of the mustache and lightly spray the tips down. Proceed with another quick blow dry. Once one side is done, move on to the other side.

That’s it! You’re done! Another style to add to your repertoire! And always feel free to model the look! If you got it… rock it!

Striking a pose!

Striking a pose!

As always, feel free to post your questions and comments below!

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Be Strong and Beard On my friends!