Hey Everyone!

Sorry it has been so long since I have made a post, things have been pretty crazy around here lately. I’m excited to say I just launched the Incredibeard Clothing Line on Kickstarter. You can check it out here:

Incredibeard Clothing Line Kickstarter

So I have a HUGE problem with kickstarter. They refuse to allow anyone to mention their connection to a charity. The problem is, charity is a huge component of the Incredibeard brand. This is what I tried to say on Kickstarter before they forced me to change it:

Incredibeard is a brand built on the idea of “thinking globally, acting locally.” All products are sourced and produced in the USA. Further, Incredibeard is proud to connect our community of beard lovers with World Vision, a humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families and impoverished communities worldwide. Did you know that a child dies every 21 seconds due to water-related disease?!? This stacks up to 1.5 million deaths a year simply due to unclean water!

Here at Incredibeard we are working to change this staggering statistic. So far this year, through various donations, we have enabled over 100 children to have access to clean water.

How are we different?

We are using the inherent power of the beard to battle the lack of clean water throughout the world. Through amazing partnerships with a local (San Francisco based) printing shop and an internationally recognized humanitarian charity, we have created an incredible product with a unique message. The goal of this brand is to mobilize the community of beards and beard lovers to fight for life and to have fun doing it by bringing about a greater awareness of bearding. 

Here’s what we do…

Incredibeard is donating a portion of the profits made by the new clothing line to World vision. This donation will then be mached 1:1 and used to bring clean water to children worldwide. You can view an up-to-date tally of the number of children helped through this wonderful partnership at the Incredibeard website (due to launch 10/23/2013).

Here at Incredibeard we are extremely honored to be connected with World Vision and the work they are doing throughout the world. Too bad Kickstarter won’t let us share this excitement on their site.

How can you help?

To help bring the Incredibeard brand to life, go HERE. Even if you can’t donate much, $1 will help tremendously. To learn about more ways World Vision helps children, check them out HERE.

Always remember to Live Long, Beard Longer,