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Today I will be offering a pro tip for calming those annoying fly-aways! This tip will be more effective for those with longer beards (3″+ in length) but can still be used by anyone with at least an inch of beard length. The miracle product is Pomade!

A light conditioning pomade, perfect for those pesky fly-aways!

A light conditioning pomade, perfect for those pesky fly-aways!

A light conditioning pomade like the one shown here can do wonders for your beard! It will add just enough weight to those fly-away hairs to hold them down. Another benefit to using pomade is one of the main ingredients being Jajoba Jojoba Oil. This liquid wax substance will give your beard a great natural sheen!

Since pomades are water-soluble, you will need to make sure your hair is dry before using this product; otherwise, it will not hold, and those fly-aways will remain.

When applying the pomade, it is important to note that very little is needed to get the desired effect. Using too much can make your beard feel and look super sticky/greasy!

So how much should you use? Only a finger tip is needed. View the picture below, and you will notice a thin layer of pomade on my finger is all I need for my beard (which sits at about 5 1/2″ as of this blog post).

Just a little bit goes a long way!

Just a little bit goes a long way!

After you have a finger tip of pomade, rub into the palm of your hands to spread it out (there should be no clumps of pomade left). Now open your hand wide and VERY lightly stroke down your beard with your palms. You should barely even be touching the hair on your beard; in other words, imagine trying to tickle the hair on the back of someone’s neck. Doing this will ensure that you spread the pomade evenly over the problem areas.

Once you notice your fly-aways starting to weigh down, you can softly spread the rest of the pomade residue throughout your beard. It is good to get the pomade residue inside the beard as it helps hold the beard tight throughout the day. After you have finished spreading the pomade, lightly stroke down the outside of your beard once more and shape as desired. You can view my results below.

It's a beautiful thing to get rid of those fly-aways!

It’s a beautiful thing to get rid of those fly-aways!

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