This style is called “The Flying Gnome!” It is a relatively easy style to reproduce and only requires two different products! It should only take about 30 minutes to produce this look! And it should look a little something like this:

The Flying Gnome!

Let me take you through the quick process:

*As always, having a helper with certain steps greatly speeds up the styling process!

For this style you will need the following products and tools:

1) A hair thermo-protectant product.

2) A flatiron

3) Mustache Wax

For best results, it is recommended to start any beard styling process after a fresh shower or beard wash. Once the beard is clean and still slightly damp (not dripping) squeeze about a half-dime sized amount of Kerastase Resistance Ciment Thermique onto the palm of your hand (see below).

This product is EXTREMELY useful for any beard type! Although you can use other hair thermo-protectant products, I prefer this one. The purpose of these types of products is to protect the hair from heat damage (heat causes hair to become brittle and leads to splitting and breaking).

Rub the half-dime sized amount of the product into your beard; be sure to start from the middle of your beard length and spread down to the tips (you do not want to rub this into your skin since the hair nearest to your skin is not in need of the product).

Once the product is spread throughout your beard you will need to use a flatiron to help straighten your beard. For those of you who have no clue what a flatiron is, please view the image below:

Typical skinny flatiron

Be sure the flatiron has come to temp before using. Once the flatiron has reached its intended heat (I use mine at the highest heat setting), you will want to section out your beard into approximately 6 sections (Left Front, Center Front, Right Front, Left Back, Center Back, Right Back). It is important to note that even though it may take longer, if you section out your beard into 9 sections, the straightening will look better. Use of a comb, to separate the skin from the flatiron, is very helpful in keeping yourself from getting accidentally burnt.

*BE AWARE: If you are styling after you’ve washed your beard, your hair will start steaming from water moisture as you flatiron it… this is normal.

It should not take any longer than 30 minutes to flatiron your beard (depending on the length of your beard). Once the flatiron process is complete, all you have left is to style the Stache! At the time of this picture I was using Clubman Mustache Wax, but I do not recommend it. It did the job, but the feel, smell and look was not exactly what I was trying to achieve.

You can either use your fingers or a small mustache comb to brush the wax into your stache. The amount of wax to use is up to you; I prefer a slightly stronger hold, so I used more than might be necessary. Once the wax is spread through, you can section the stache out into top/bottom sections. When I did this, I was kind of going for the that old double-wing airplane look. The easiest way to do this is to twirl the hair continuously until the wax dries and holds in the position that you desire.

Well… that’s it! You’re done!

Always feel free to post your questions and comments below!

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Be Strong and Beard On my friends!

Full View

The title of this beard is The Lorax! No hair products needed in this design, just a strong bristle brush. I used a corked boar bristle brush.

If you think you can’t grow out your beard.. you’re wrong… DEAD wrong!  Well, maybe not dead wrong, but you’re still wrong! You can do it!

This is my beard… and this is my story!

Having a basic short-beard for many years I only recently started to grow it out (started back in Feb. 2012)! Since this is my first time growing the beard out, I am figuring things out as I go. Luckily, I have come across many amazing people and much needed information during the ongoing process of growing this hairy baby on my face! After months of growth and constant grooming, I felt it was time… time to style!

Back in June I styled my beard for the first time! Since then, every other Monday… or as I refer to it as Monbeardday… I create a new design for my beard. Unlike the one time crazy unique beard styles seen at beard competitions, I try to create my beards for everyday wear! I will be updating this blog with all new styles and important in-beard-formation, so come and join me as we explore the glory of BEARDING!

Always feel free to post your questions and comments below!

You can also find me on Instagram/Twitter @incredibeard !

Be Strong and Beard On my friends!

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